WiFind visualizes the strength of Wi-Fi signals in New York City as displayed on the map below.
Enter a network name and click the ‘Show Data’ button to view all data for that network.

The Map


The map above shows the intensity of Wi-Fi signals (collected in decibel-milliwatts, dBm) at various locations based on the current data we have collected. -90 dBm (shown in blue) is the value for the poorest signal and -30 dBm (shown in red) is the value for the strongest signal.

To use this map, simply type in the name of the network you want to show then choose an aggregation function and click the "SHOW DATA" button. You can then pan and zoom the map to see different areas or more detail.

There are three aggregation functions available to choose from. Choosing "Median" will show you the median value of signal strengths at each location. Similary, choosing "Max" or "Average" will give you the maximum or average value of signal strengths at each location.

WiFind App

The data is crowdsourced from people like you! Our Android mobile application measures and records the signal strength of Wi-Fi networks around you as you move through the city. Simply install the app and leave it running in the background.

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About WiFind

This project seeks to visualize the prevalence of Wi-Fi coverage throughout New York City to understand accessibility levels citywide. Using our Android mobile app, users can record the signal strength of Wi-Fi networks around them as they move through the city.

Our hope is to provide data that could be put to use in a wide array of academic and social purposes, ranging from visualizing digital equality to finding the closest open Wi-Fi network.

The project team is from NYU CUSP, a university-wide research center focusing on urban systems and urban informatics. We aim to use data analytics to understand complex urban systems and ultimately improve the quality of life of the people living in cities throughout the world.

The Team


Please email us to provide some feedback on our project, give us suggestions for new feautures. This is an open source project, feel free to check out our code at Github.